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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 10, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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out of the ocean city area on the eastern shore and making for clear conditions. you can see a couple white spots around gatesburg. don't pay aon, ation ention to . nothing falling as far as snow there. t, around the area, 44 downtown. 37 at westminster. ngreesrn at ocean city, out in is.rostburg, they are at 28 degrees. as i'r as your forecast today, parad ny cloudy skies becoming mostly sunny and northwest wind 7 tore b4 miles per hour. temperatures 42 to 47 degrees. how long will the great weather last, i'll tell you in your full insta-weather plus forecast in a couple mik ates. >> our bfu story this morning, 22-year-old ross truett ashlho shot a police o+
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icer. a vigil was held in honor of the officer killed. >> it was atbi dwfment il filled with -- vigil filled with emotion. th> derieck was a hher h hher h father, and a son. and i ask that you keep derieck's family in your pra frs and thoughts. >> experts show the same gun used was found beside the body of a man dead from a self-inflicted gun shot. they still donnif know why officer crouse was targeted. >> that istbery much a part of the investiilltion right now. >> it was shortly afternoon thurdeaay during a tra+ ic stop crouse made on campus. he was sitting in his patrol
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car. a haloldhour later, the dead suspected killer was found. police say thetbm 1g,nia tech shooting in 2007 -- unlike that, this suspected gunman was not a student. chris clackum, nbc news. >> there are several picgreesre oor uine showing hgreesr the ca locked down. you can see the photos and ãitespmrges of condolences at >> a 23-year-old morilln state stflent found shot to death in his apartment the discovery found on north calvert sheneet. lgreesrell melzer has the investigation. >> teve-weday night baltimore police iday.estiillted a murder the 2900 block of north calvert stre"11 in charlestbillage. police say the body of 2 2-year-old brandon hudson was
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found on his couch. he had suffered a gun shot wound to the head and h-y been dead an und"11 ermined amount of time. a neighbor in the building next noor deseld toed the chaotic scene. >> around 11:00 we heard a lot of commotion. ãity wife aith ed me to look oue window. we heard some strange sounan s. poss toly gunfire. i don't know what it was. loud noise. >> hflson, who was from clinton maryland was a senior majoring in bher hiness at morilln state. his facebook and twitter accounts also touted this informatior as a-y ording to court recoran s h had no previous criminal record. hgreesrever, police say based o e moidence, they are looking in the strong possibilicor that th eldime is drug related. >> right now, it is early in the investiilltion. n"11 ectives are fookstrated. we are hoping community information will be hellis.tte sapo moing this cass, >> from a community standpoint residens f are still reeling frm
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severaltbiolent events, including the high-profile ougller of hopougns researcher stephen pitcarin. >> as residents and business os. ers in the area we have to take another look at our neighborhood and see hgreesr we betion er partner with the districts that border our boundaries so we are doing everythin45we can to make sure residents are safe. >> and some residens f are wondering hgreesr much more of e violent crimes they can take. >> i am deeply troubled gi it. i have a young son, my wife. it is tro, th> isy lgreesrell meotiner, wb1 news. >> the charles village com finir benefits dishenict will hapod a regular meeting tuesday to hold -- to discu the the crime. police are aith ing aon,one wit information to call 410- 296-2th 0. >> a teach every a-y her hed of having sex with students is out on bond.
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papoice say j frho sea-we h-y numerous encounters with students. he has been an english teacher and j.v. boys' basketball coach 1 nncecamste67. th> a fm 1e in annapapois. fire fighters responded to the clam 1borne place apartments friday morning. we're told a ceiling fan hit the is.loor and started burning. deo one was hurt. that fire caused $5,000 in nam. >> aes. th> ith y teamre b1 was over th scene of this father in baltimore cicor. it was on thecamth ce sd anock fairmont avenue. one person was trapped inside at the time, but the fm 1e o+ icia were able to get that person out and t, to t to the hfire c that fire started in the basement. th> it looks like the universit of maryland college park and unive-weity of maryland baltimoe will not merge after all. the decision was m-ye pud anic
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yestewas huion wa. th tooten has more. th> the boawas hui sees the all as the 21st century collaboration that is the rfudo orillnizational shen7.greesre fe fast-changing, clenk challenging is.iscal eday.m 1onment we live today. >> the vote was unanimous not to meurye unapper1 ncor of marylan ãalapolege park with university maryland baltimore. instead pre1 ndents from both schools along with a chancellor will create what thnce are callin45an all withnce by march next year. >> we have decided, and we have the fimyl reports, and i stand ready to fight fire and do everything in my power to help hlement this. >> the standard we have embraced achieves a capolaborative model for the future which i personally predict will be e filated gi others around the nage. -- nation. th> the final r witort to sgree ãiterger came after two public
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hearings and months of students. >> i think the alliance was a gostu compromise bek ceen hkinga ãiterger and not having a merge i think with the ther p together, that would benefit not oor uy baltimore but espec with the sgreesdents at college park >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and spe, you know student loan debt is greater than credit card dpft in america? that's why saving for your kid's college education is a critical thewo . we have a q & a guest tomorrow to discher hs this. prepaid college trust send questions to sundayqwo stions@www.wbapwe6 c13 >> it is surprising and terrifying. >> aine sking in45for college, it is so scary. >> 9:0ng s n+ he moie hammond will be here today answering pet questions.
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>> and a book reviemon we hking e some p. >> ae turne-we. >> one of the books is about you. good m"11 eorolog,st. th> weathering the storm. >> i like it. der eaougng of weathering the stonot moving off the eastern part of the state around ocean cit c13 things are looking good for our week ahe-y. will ll tell you all about it ar
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>> t, now, sun coming up. high pre theure 33.35 on the esiarometer. winds picking up out of the northwest at 6 miles per hou+ e to tperagreesres around the are high 30's to low 40's.
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ocean city 44. we're seeing a little rain activity moving out of that area. esiehind that, a lot of dry and unfortunately cooler e to tperagreesres. for the rest of the day, enjoy it. nice fall day. parlowy clofl-we. becoming mfir sunny. winds a little heavy. nortustest 7 tore b4 miles per r ò temperatures 42 to 47. record levels at bnth.i. -trpor. a couple shenon wa showers movet of the way. we'll see mfire clowy sun ao so ollegeith the hfuh right behind. it will bring us cooler te heratures. ehen you can set west. all it is is hfuh pre theurs, thatd s going to m c13 area through the next five or
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1 nx days. weing gl have mfire clowy sunny partly sunny conditions. ehere is a slig. probad any temperatures droppin out in the 30's by the end of nekn wee's around the state, cooler temperatures up north and in southern pennsylvan with. ollegee'll be at 44 degrees. ocean city, 51. out in western marwith and, rfu around freezing. >> if you are heading out on the eurs my mfire c light winds out of the northwest around 5. ar to. >> ai4 dnstrees. if you arecomiing ung to the ra game tomorrow, same thing. ãitfire clowy sun ao. chilly. light winds out of the north-northwest. 2 to >miles per hour. it may warm up, but by the third and fourthlatuarters it will be ãalhill c13 high pressure stays with us until thursda c13
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slfudow. warming trend, 51 to a t by friday 357. as the system moves tp.ough, hop nswly it wonit is ruin nekn weekend, but we could see temperatures close toa c0 nnstrees. >> a book recommendation for everyone on your lisoten ehat's nekn. >> and 2012 comes with an all-star cast. a m c13 ãby > and here to answer your p questions is dr. kim hammond. e-maily cs at p"11 we estions@
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ãby > welcome back, everyone. dr. hayden is here from the pratt nd 2ee library. ãby > this is a great time to g gifts. there are a lot of tem eat thin out this season, and especially for people having harry potter ollegeithdrawal. there are a lot of folks that read harry potter and nurs the mo moies are over the boo% ãare over. the night circus is the next one. if also tells a love story. the cm 1hls comes at nfudow.. you neverchenow what's going to happen, and it takes you into this l c13
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jigses. it will transport you. soand ithe night cm 1hlit" by a morganstein is great. if you heard the interviews about it you think i donit is to read this book. great gift book because you are he aawn into his world, youcomi sense of world, and you can pair or something like that. stephen king. st withen ougng has finally t, on something that is really in the news now, the kennedy assa theination. ehis is stephen what if someone went back in time and tried to preve20 the assassination of john f. kennedy. will m telling you, theand iwha"
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are just amazing. because you think what wou12 ãfivking e happene da eder ec w this election time. so there is a shift alrea+ to what wou12 happen if you went back in time and could change somethin45that youchenow happend people have loved "middlesex." ehis is his n0 3 ãitarri. >> ae plot." you've seen the house wives and all thahli this is another t, on it with a political bent. so people into realicor tv,comi ehemand ithe ma >> ae plooten" this book is great because you ãalancomiappe people the whole series. you can also end it with the girl in thecomireen r-tn coat h the bng -we. and she does name something i liked, carla.
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then for a really fun boo my ta fey "bossy pants." you can pair this with d.v.d.'s ofw 0 roc's thouc a book malcolm x. the officer -- author of this esiook spe20.d3 yea-we writ four days before it was published, he dier it hascomiotten so m7.ks taccl-t al >> what is different about this malc"nm x book? >> the a auo bog if i of malcol x with alex hayley. everyone tal% ãation au that stacaher he malcoes n f ax h wh helped alex haley. however, some of the things in the ameto biotem aphy of malcol were not exactly accurate. surprised at what really happened. especiallycomi"11 ting bacwas h ste fivencheing with "the
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assassination" the assassination of malcoes n f, there was more that than you would have thought. then for fans, it is all ation fun facts. it is for the kind of nerd on your lisoten ehis is the per. then -- we have a nerd in the pedmily. then a touchin45tion opl around holiday times, diane keaton's n0 a auobfte if i, and it was about her mother as well. her mother was a kind of f thiookstrated amethor. ãby > one of the things i heard the "today" shohin she talked ation au some of her feelings some of the leading men. ãby > l"11 time se i her l c13 ollegeas dorot fivk hall, and y remember annie hall, and she s-td some nice things ation au woody allen that i think would
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surprise some pat.plly. youcomi"11 the inside scoy " au also get the answer to why diane keaton is the we i she is. >> you cancomiappe them an e-rer to get their feet in the water and see what it's likly. days great time to give gives gifts. particnswar book, give a gift card and let someone explore ehemselves. >> tha-> you for coming in. >> thank you. >> comingy cp, d+ healk hammond anhalers your pet questions. first a look at events goin45on around tursn this weekend.
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ãby > welcome bac's jing uningy cs now to answer yo pet questions is dr. kim ha mmonr ãby > this tail is l"11 ha rea >> he's a happy dog. >> mom is over there, thecheids are there. this is an insanely great dog. a black lng . perorlx h specimen and clean. this time of year when the weather gets c"n da pat.ple thi
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fleas are in the summek w but i is not. parastar plus is worthy csing ehis time of ye animal. talk to your vet ation au ioten ãby > pete is pe0 pounds. he gets around well but he's exhibiting rear lurp weakness. two of our v"11 s have d withgn him as having neurological disease and nothing can help him esiecause of his advanced a. >> the definite is maysta. there is a nurthat c disease th causes a wasting of the muscles and it is really a se i , se i diseasly. but i would get it checked by professionals. eha al hear in this question. you need to see aone o"11 erina r eurolothat st. dr. larry gains in catonsville.
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if it is merolopoth-we. it is th eo treaoten >> these are not good for dogs? >> they are not. ehey are son'i . they will not kill dogs, but they will m, ãby > not l >>e chocolate right? >> right. >> we have anothermot axstion here. we live on the lower eastern shore. i noticed fro20line does not ourill the fleas on my westies. >> try parastar plus. there are certain pthykeance of resitances occasionly. i think it is the application techniwe ly. applying it properly or you are not t, environment. there could be lots of fleas in your house orcomira the. and you have to treat all your an malts. so if you have a westie and
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three cats, you have to treat your cats. ãby > thank you, dr.chealk hamm. >> good seeing you. >> good seeing you, too. ãby > there hecomi's more n0 s after the break. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to "11 news
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saturday morning". than% ãfor jing uningy cs. >> let's look outside with lowell. >> he's ree i y tos h a ome in time. >> don't get any ideas. le al resoten you'll be fine, right? today loo% ãl >>e acomireat de i. . >> mal fall weather in store. a perfect fall day. te heratures in the mid pe thes. a.c. dy "pler showing a little shower activity that's moving off of the eastetw shore. they had a couple sprinkles in ocean city, b au it iscomiappiny eo mos py sunyou ha sky. taking a quick look at the temperale ãitarlatal rea 40 degrees. high pressure. ehe winds h c"e ehe north at 6 . then downtown at the inner ãfivarptk w pe4 durprees. again, that high pressure is in control. ãfivurs long will this nice ped
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weather last? i'll tell you in the the next couple minutes. >> thank you, lowell. former princecomiat.rgicals cou councilwoman will spend one year behind bars. leslies hohnson was sentetsed t a year after being found guilty of evidetse tampering. ãfiver hher hassnd,s hacks hyin been sentenced to seven years in been sentenced to seven years in fre13 esiristas. >> it is debate time again in ourand ycok oitme20 2012." even before the candidates square off, some are throwing putshes at n0 t that ngrich. nikole killion has more on the war of words. ãby > n0 t that ngrich s-td he play nice, but some of his supporters are pushing back at ãitit romney calling his tactic desperate. >> i don't thi's m rs?qui wing social engineering is ayou hamo
9:31 am
desirable than left wing social enthat neering. ãby > it is his criticism of th medicare reform plan. in iursa, the candidate did >>et ho, b back eitheast >> my views are going to focus on the distitstions we have on the axs. >> it comes a day before another ãniebatki this one in iursdia w the presidential caucusses is more than a month awa c13 conserthintive a balyst se is t saturday showdown could turn into fright ns?qui. ãby > i thi's m all the candida are going to drop the gloves and go aftercomiinct ich. will know they have to knock ãniursn that ngrich if thwor ar to get their numbers up. >> gingrich leads many bationa b-4 early sy cp in voting states. ron paul says differe20. ãby > wicalre in a statistic ca in iowa. >> a debate hosted by donald eru h later this month me i be off. he said he is loobing into
9:32 am
canceling the decon'star 2 for after only two candidates signed on. >> this deasste wou, b beone oe very successful. >> he is still touting his anandidate on the ptste b au he hasn't ruled out endorsing one candidate or m, himself. g st >>"ne killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> just because you he i the chicken pox otse d's you can get it again. the conneagaiion b"11 ween chie and chiet en p >. >> this is coming up a lot latel c13 how to care for h"nide i pla20s coming up. >> this studio southbounding overt, also coming up, your forecast which includes sunyou ha sit ce anooler ton'perale
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>> a quick look outside right now, b to k niu. marlatall, hs? preck lure in control. winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. we're s"11 ting ourselves up foa nice fall day. rs?qui nurs, for a majority of v, awing area we see temperaturs in the low to mid 40's. some spots in theb thes. frederick cool at 34. westminster 37 as well. elkton atb7. in ocean city, 44 degrees. for the most part, a lot of us inill see ton'perale the mid 40's. partly cloudy skies this motwing + tappin45way to mos py ciotiny skies. temperatures anywhere from 42 to 47 durprees. a nice fall day. our current weather now shows this is the sm ptem thatcomi c" some wet weather earlier this week. reco wb r-tnfall out of b to k marshall. that is moving on. eo the thyean c they are setting up for a nice
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ãnie is hher ht l >>e we arly. this upper level front will move out in the nuck next couple hours and bey cnder the total influence of high pressure for ehe n tht five to six de is. you can see the high pressure extends way out west so there is g stothing in line tocomiappey weather thursday night. go out and enjoy ieat a lot of cin around the state. coldest area fretty much to the north ofy cs. ãite ista northern baltimore co they will top out around 39, 40 dect ees. inarmest spot will sta oce at 51. cooler spots out in the mountains. ehey will be ri freezing. if you are heading o au on the town tons?qui, it sho out d be good one. mostly clear, crihe . g storthwest winngri, ton'perale anywhere from 30 to 44 degrees. some spoial in rural areas cou, sta in the high 20's, but i thik it is safe to say, 30 toee 0 dect ees. emale i a dels?
9:37 am
under the influence of high preck lure driout ang dursn coor from the north. temperatures around 41 toee 5 ãniurprees. inicalll show you what thi look like at m&t stadium. chilly is the word under m ev py sunny skies. 40 to 45. bring as hacket to thecomiamly. ow it gets. first or second quarter it is . >> mal then when the suncomiessu the breeze moves in. inicalre r c"ens fans. ine&tnohat to do, right? seven-day forecast, that high preck lure is in connu"n. as lon45as the cloud cover remains light we should see this inarming trend, b au we wi- more around tuesday or wednesday how lon45this will laseat our best chatses for rain move in on saturday and sunday where we see ton'perale lper 50's.
9:38 am
>> ever see the chicken p >ont theone oery sityeone osevher h chicken pox can strike again. it doeure inf come back as chie pox. instead it is painful shingles. more in this morningelv womanel ãnithytoast >> you are looking at a painful shingle's -- shingles rash. >> your immune syston' is a pretty good check of keeping ehings in chec's esi au if your iyeoune ves compromised, you became susce yeible. >> there areit i- is a rash tha occurs in strips or bands. ãshi> sti
9:39 am
l pattetw. sometimes it will be on the arms or the lurp chi b au it will f" a speter fic pattern. >> the symptoms shingles are ä'ard to ignorly. itchare o a r sho rash, and pai. medication can shorten the anoux ce of theone osevher h, a shingles vaccine can help reduce your risk, b au you only get if dou areicaurp or o, be. >> that's the most common age it anomes o au, after the age ofic of tht you will see it in othe people. >> donna hityilton, wassl-tv 1 w g st0 s. >> and we're joined now with more ie wormation. . >> mal morning. things like this is a big topic right now. a lot of f"nks are being
9:40 am
ãniiagnosed with shingles. >> yes. >> if you h c"e wheer hc chiet pox, it is a virus, but it is a virus that never goes awa c13 it is in the herpes fityil c13 people are more family with herpes that dessuure infcomio a3 anhiet en p > is the sitye family. you get it, if hibernates in dour bmal c13 ãshi> then it man cesial as a rash. >> it comes back later in life. it will come back later in lide if your immune system is compromised, if you arey cnder lot of snues chi it will sta sp coming out again. you see it more commowory bec we dour iyeoune , ifston' strong. >> if you sta spo to see a rasd ãnio yoefwa20 to as cime it cou be shingles and go and see your uicctor? ãshi> it is acomiood qn sstion. there are so many differ kind of rashe chi you caninf m,
9:41 am
as cicomiotion. that is a characteristic look. is p-tn associated with it. >> you have to take the medication early on in the rasik if the rash has been there a while it woninf do anything. the treatme20s doninf clear it up. they make it shorter and they may m, side-effects from it less severe. ãshi> there is a shot you canco for shing shingles but you can't e, tste? >> yes, you have to be over the age oficamak ãshi> so fher ck lit i- fher st people with that problem. >> if you are thinking a hi au ãitv , a this weekend, we'll haa review when you come back.
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>> a slacker student talks him anomin45 l. >> you can tell it was filmed a li rale while a. >> . we hrash e news honah hill in t money ball. information for critics.
9:45 am
considering all these great films in theaters openingy cp i g st0 york and l.a. but not baltimore, here we get "the ves u raer" and wecomi"11 eve." remember "valentine's day"? pr"11 sti soon wicalll hrash e for every single holiday. what is crazy about this move. dou hrash e yourit i-s. these really talented actors a2o a tnues.
9:46 am
it. robert densevo is in ieat hall, a berld is in ieat the incriminating photos of this these peezplg how do they allcomi"11 it i- >> you have this many characters you caninf spend a che reic listi tmonee on any of thon'. sometimes that's a good thing. ãshi> b au there are some charar i wou, b like to spend some mor time with. ãnioninfcomio. it is not nue spoh ieat >> so what else? >> that's it. >> i recommend that peezple . >> to "hugo." out in neaters -- theaters right g sturs.
9:47 am
are they hrash ing more fun tha we're having? >> thapics the ren sstioviru >> wicalll see hurs itcomiessus >> thanks, max. you can read all of maxelv reout a0 s at >> how to keep a point >> how to keep a pointse ra ba last we i after christmas. >> a thriller coming up in sports. >> plus lursell has another loo at the forecast. you're watching "11 news satimorrde i morni
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>>comiood morning. i'mcomireg t"nand. you knew there would be a lot of hype between mou20 seats hessued a2eats h keph's. both teams undefeated. the game liv shoy cp to its esiilling. the capacity crowd was going wild from start to >>ni sp. ehe easy tnue. st. francis by 8. back come the gails. not anymorut i it drops. the gail's take the leashin an, blercomi'sng for the t, a. huge block that saves the game
9:51 am
for the , a.ils. g-t a court. mount st. joe's wins 75-ica. ioves are hicalll mishis fou sp straight game. he's dealing with a clack l injy andcomiitye time decisioviru he missed 2-3 field goal attempts. john harass. bh is ho will be ready. basically his calf cramped ut de
9:52 am
again. weidmann with a hat trick. all 4comioa a play. i'm greg toland. i hope you hrash e acomireat we. >> we wa20 to welcome adam stewart, the executive vice preves ude20 of bell nurseld tor garden here. you do all the supplies for home ãnit de >> yes, we dhig we supply all the materials. >> you hrash e s"nd hate a mil. ãshi> in maryland alone? >> in maryland alone. >> tell mou c hurs do yoefbe run dou hrash e over-water pointsettia. >> it will sta spo to turn bla. on the tips and you know it is time to back off on watering. nthe plan pla20y cp, it is really heavy, over-saturated. ãshi> it will sta spo to dro fi. g stot look as pert as it would
9:53 am
it was well water sho. dou want to l"11 themu >> you have many different varietied of p's20se ra bas. ãshi> there are so many icomioo upgrades from gift upgrades. ehere is a lot poin as i"11 tias. >> and they do not need ciur ãshi> thiov do not. by the time you see them in the stores, you can p au them in th assfmente or closeeat it doesn't matter. >> the heat is not as big of a ãnieag u it is more the cold than the heat. you doninf want thon' tocomi"11 o auves ude. when you dry them out, don't put ehem + ãa yeneat it will dld them out too quick. >> you were saying teacher ypal as i? dou were anessusng ev huge varieties you can put on spelves. loonat thesecomipalt ideasy cp here, the ravens purple. >> thapics righeat anan you do so muce' you can be so createy. these are little tins we have
9:54 am
lrtc sho. makes the gift ready, and you are rec y tocomihig >> you have little christmas trees. >> those are acloic lly r kon'a esiushes. these can actually go outside. otse the ton'peratimorres are s in the 40's, you can move these from inside to ou as ild ut i >> you hrash e orchids. >> yes, these are -- you put three ice cubes in otse a week, and you will comie set.ceck lfu it. the biggest reason pe file are>t a2et.ceck lh'l is t them. three ice cubes once a week. nyour de i. every sunday, and you are good to go. ehey will last . ãshi> and you said you can plan them outside and they will withstandad0-dertee temperatures? >> yes, but they will die back a2o i mv e them out containers mple -- containers. ãshi> .
9:55 am
>> p's20se ra bas. >> yes. >> folks heading out to the raveareicomiitye t biorrow will ã hapt d. we'll have sunny skies and eon'peratimorre3 anme thing tomorrow, just a little cooler. er e have sune l to a2 oes. temperatures increase to about ehe mld 5st. s our best chance for rain looks like friday into saturday wical have ton'peratimorres in the mi upper 50's. >> one thing i for. >> t to p's20 o au, we have a techcomiuide. >> we do have a tech guide. another dpalselre20 cerliistmas gift. >> there. >> it is nice to meet you. ãit is s bi"11 hing that brings a smile to everybody's face. >> so look at thaeat >> if i cou, bcomiet away with t being my christmas tree. ãshi> a litave e decoratioviru throw those on there. >> that can be overpowering, b u
9:56 am
ehas ans acloic. thank you for joining us. bell nursery, suppl, ar of h bi ãnit de >> take care. captioned + ãthe g stational cayeioning iareitit
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ãshi> on sunday, coach john harbaugh made a gesture on esiehalf of the organizatio touched the heart of our entire communit c13 ã harass. bh prese20 sho thecomiitye assll to our friend and co-worker ron smite' as you me i know, ron has been waging a battle on a truly insidious disease, pan outsieat catser. ron is no longer in treatment and is focusing his tmonee now and the things that matter to ã hmone, itsluding the belv sho esialtimore ravens. on friday the coach called ron eo ovaler a wor lpo spo. as only the voice of reason can do, he gave voice iareitec to r an bids ni's and how each victory is a reminder of the reward of hard er ororr d shoicati. after the game, coach harass.
9:58 am
bh a.,nowl shoged the convehugatio with ron. in that moment, when so o >en the , ball iscomiiven to a player who performs mightily on the f, a, b, the coach ron'inde all of you can of lpale off th through the rewards of hard 3 ãrk, d shoication, and pasng on. a class act to honor a class guy.
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